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Consider This

(Provided through our Compliance Partner: 1ST STOP COMPLIANCE)

Many dealership owners and GM's think they are compliant with the Red Flag Rules because a "Compliance" company or an expert charged your dealership several hundred dollars for an Identity Theft Prevention Program (ITPP) that you can file in a drawer.

BUT that is not what the Red Flag Rules are about. The FTC is very adamant that the purpose of the Red Flag Rules is to prevent identity theft at the time of the transaction. To be compliant, dealerships must have a process in place in these 6 areas:

-Policy -Training
-Detection -Prevention
-Mitigation -Audit

If your Program does not have a policy in place in each of these 6 areas, then YOUR dealership's program is NOT complaint.

It’s that simple.


  • Low Cost

    - Just $24.95 a month! Our Red Flags software has the lowest startup and monthly costs of any other solution on the market.
  • Easy to use

    With a quick and simple installation most users can become productive in minutes. The software is intuitive with a short learning curve.

  • Full Compliance

    Some compliance programs have stated that dealers may be liable for as few as 10 of the 26 Red Flag Rules. While it is true that the final 8 rules are concerned with activity occurring after the transaction has been completed, it must be assumed that the FTC expects all of the 18 remaining rules to be enforced. To remove any doubt, Autocompli has incorporated all 18 of those rules into its product.

  • ITPP

    Written ITPP

    More then just an overpriced piece of paper that will take hours to complete and then be forgotten about, our Identity Theft Prevention Program (ITPP) creation tool will prompt dealers for the required information to generate a program. Changes can be made easily and the entire process can be completed in minutes, not hours

  • Training Progam

    Our training module provides a quick and simple way to train and test any relevant employees. Also included is a simple way to monitor who has completed the training, when that training was completed and the score achieved on the exam.


  • Complete Red Flag verification
  • Comprehensive OFAC check
  • Report Creation ability
  • Driver’s License scanning (Optional)
  • Daily Red Flag Violation Notification
  • Easy tracking of sold customers
  • Employee training
  • Secure storage of sensitive information
  • 7 year retention of information
  • Available Adverse Action Solution