About Us

Our Mission

The idea to form Autocompli came from the realization that there had to be a niche market for inexpensive but functionally strong web-based products for automobile dealers. Until the FTC mandated Red Flag Rules were published in late 2007, finding that market had turned out to be more difficult than we originally imagined. Once we had an understanding of what was needed to satisfy the government requirements, we realized that this was the perfect opportunity for us to build a product that could be the complete solution for automobile dealers to comply with the Red flag Rules without causing an unnecessary financial burden.

Our Team

The team that developed the Red Flag Compliance Tool product brought the skill set of having many decades of experience designing and implementing large computer applications. This included several years of creating Internet-based applications. Also included in the team were several members of the automotive industry that provided their guidance and expertise during the development of this product. The final result, we feel, is the best and most complete Red Flag Compliance product available in the marketplace.