Screen Shots

  • License Scan

    License Scan

    Using our software and the optional license scanner, your dealer can quickly obtain customer information without time-consuming data entry.

  • Customer Info Screen

    Customer Information Screen

    Once the license is scanned, the customers information and a picture of their license is displayed. This screen allows users to edit/correct any incomplete or inaccurateinformation. For dealers not using a scanner, all Customer information is entered using this screen.

  • Compliance Questions

    Compliance Process

    After the customer information has been obtained, the dealer is now ready to execute the compliance verification process. The focus of this process is to resolve all 18 of the pertinent Red Flag Rules. The first step is to electronically compare the customer information to the databases of several credit agencies. This process occurs automatically and can resolve as many as 9 of the Red Flag rules. To resolve the remaining red flags, the dealer needs to complete the steps listed in the task list in the upper left hand corner of the screen. A group of Verification questions just below the task list will, with simple yes or no answers, reconcile most of the unresolved rules. A dealer can see how many rules are unresolved by checking the Red Flag Scoreboard. Once familiar with the process, a customer can be verified in just a couple of minutes.

  • Out of Wallet Questions

    Out of Wallet Questions

    Our patented software will ask your customers a series of identity verification questions. The source for these questions is information obtained directly from several credit agencies. The information for these questions is more historical in nature, not something readily available by stealing a wallet or going through a person’s garbage. These personal challenge questions are something only the real person would know and it would be very difficult for an identity thief to answer correctly.

  • Compliance Summary

    Compliance Status Report

    The compliance status report is a complete overview of each customers identity verification. Also a picture of the license is included in this summary. This page can be printed and filed with in deal jacket.


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