Red Flag Compliance Tool Features

The Red Flag Compliance Tool has an easy to follow format that will make the Compliance resolution process easy to complete. The Tool has been developed to be intuitive and to minimize the training required to make users productive.

There are two versions of the Red Flag Rules Compliance Tool available. Both the Express and Comprehensive versions have the following features:

  1. Ability to enter necessary customer information through an input screen or by scanning the Customer’s driver’s license into a scanning device.
  2. A task list describing each task that needs to be completed before the Red Flag Rules can be satisfied and Compliance can be achieved.
  3. A comprehensive Customer Compliance Summary Report that includes the customer address information, a Red Flag Compliance Summary, an OFAC summary, and, if necessary, a Red Flag Rules Compliance Discrepancy summary. The front of the Drivers License can be printed thus avoiding using a copy machine to make a copy.
  4. A Red Flag Scoreboard that gives a running total of how many Red Flag rules are in each various stage of compliance.
  5. A Notes function to identity information that may need to be reviewed later or can be printed with the Customer Compliance Summary Report if needed to explain discrepancies
  6. A “Not Unresolved” button that when clicked will display the various Red Flag Rules that are Non Compliant or Not Resolved. For each rule, a How to Resolve button can be clicked that will give detailed instructions on how to satisfactorily resolve that particular rule.
  7. Provide a simple set of Yes/No questions that can help verify the customer’s identity and resolve many of the Red Flag Rules.
  8. The ability to do a more comprehensive OFAC verification than the traditional character by character method does.
  9. An easy to use Help feature that minimizes training and speeds task completion
  10. Verifies that Customer’s Social Security Number has actually been issued and the state the SSN was issued in.
  11. Driver’s License number provided by customer is an incorrect format for that state.
  12. Checks the City, State Zip Code combination to verify it is valid.

In addition to the functionality available with the Express Version, the Comprehensive version also has these additional features:

  1. An Identity Verification process that allows the Dealership to ask several ‘out of wallet’ questions to verify the Customer’s identity. The number of correct and incorrect answers as well the percentage of correct answers will be provided.
  2. A comparison of the Customer’s Drivers License Address information with the address information maintained by the large Credit Agencies. Any discrepancies are noted and need to be resolved to satisfy specific Red Flag Rules.
  3. Customer’s Social Security Number does not appear on the SSN Death Master list.
  4. The issue date range of the Customer’s Social Security Number and a comparison with the Customer’s birth year.
  5. Customer’s address and/or phone numbers are not associated with high risk activity, is not vacant or is not missing some required information (ex. Apartment number is missing for an address identified as an apartment.
  6. Verifies that, for phone numbers that were provided, that the area code is correct for that state.

Also provides additional information that may point out possible identity discrepancies such as:

  1. Identifies Customer Address as being registered for Residential, Business or Mixed- Use.
  2. A name other than that given by the Customer’s is associated with the given address.
  3. The street number associated with the street address is invalid.
  4. That a phone number provided was not a pager.
  5. Driver’s License number has indeed been issued.

The Discrepancy Notification Application gives Owners and General Managers the ability to monitor their Dealership(s) by providing them a daily Email Alert for the previous day's activity. The alert will be triggered for any Customer(s) with either “Red Flag Rule” Violations or a Compliance Process that is incorrect or incomplete. There is also functionality that gives the Owners or General Managers the ability to view specific issues for the Customer that triggered the alert. Deficiencies in training are also detected and reported.